How to Wash Baby Clothes?

by Minipodyum Admin on November 20, 2020

How to Wash Baby Clothes?

Because of the skins of the babies are very sensitive, it is very important how their clothes washed up as well as the fabric of those clothes. Also, because you will wash your baby's clothes so often, there are some tricks for these clothes to last for a long time. Here are some points to consider when washing your baby's clothes:

  • First of all, keep your baby's dirty clothes separate from other dirty clothings and store them in a different basket or net. Otherwise, chemicals such as detergent, perfume or deodorant in other clothes may pass into your baby's clothes.
  • Wash your baby's clothes separately from other clothes. Baby clothes washed with adult clothes can be exposed to substances harmful to baby skin.
  • Take care to wash your new clothes before putting them on your baby. Make sure to cut the labels before washing.
  • High temperature is not always required for hygiene in washing; You can provide hygiene by washing your baby's white clothes at 40 degrees and the colored clothes at 30 degrees. Clothes that you always wash at a high temperature wear out quickly.
  • Make sure the detergents you use do not contain harmful chemicals. Highly scented and foaming detergents and softeners are often harmful to sensitive baby skin. Take care to use organic detergents.
  • The rinsing process after washing is very important. Extra rinsing is recommended to ensure that there is no detergent residue on the washed clothes. The difference in baby clothing programs in new generation technological washing machines is that extra rinsing is used. With a long rinsing time, you can protect your baby from allergic reactions as well as skin ailments such as rash, diaper rash, dermatitis and atopic.
  • Drying is as important as the washing process; You can dry your baby's clothes in the open air, especially in hot weather, so that the sun's rays kill bacteria.
  • You should also iron your baby's clothes after collecting, washing, rinsing and drying. Some dirt that cannot be removed by washing can be removed by the high temperature of the iron.
  • Finally, it is important to keep baby clothes washed and ironed in a cool and dry place.


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